Immigration Bonds Services

Do you have a family member or friend being detained by the Department of Homeland Security US Immigration and Customs Enforcement? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Gotham Immigration Bonds, we know exactly how to help you get your loved one released from detention. We will help you save time and money so pick up the phone and call (888) 261-0060 today for more information.


Our team will be alongside you to help guide you through the process

We’re here to help guide you through this often-difficult process, and our know-how, experience, and contacts can help you to get bond posted. In most cases, we will get your loved one out the same day that you call. The principals at Gotham Immigration Bonds have helped thousands of people just like you, and we are only a phone call away: Call (888) 261-0060 today to speak with one of our courteous and knowledgeable professionals.


Give your loved one the freedom & independence they deserve.

Once your loved one is out on our bond, he or she will have the freedom and independence that they deserve. They came to the United States seeking a better life for themselves and their family—and we can help them reach that goal. Call (888) 261-0060 for immediate assistance, and see how your loved one’s dreams of liberty can become real in just a few hours.


We help you reunite with your family.

We have experience dealing with immigration bonds, helping countless numbers of detainees gain their freedom while reuniting them with their family. It all comes together when clients say how thankful they are to be back with their families; and it’s what keeps us fighting to free your loved ones. Our mission is simple; reunite as many families as possible.